Musicians are often concerned with time. Rhythm and form in music shift the way in which we experience time passing – we move from ‘colloquial’ or everyday kind of time to different variations and moods in which a moment is extended or compressed, where the direction, line or shape of a phrase will have us listening breathlessly or put us in a more relaxed frame of mind. These different emotional states impact our perception of how quickly or slowly time passes. How often do we pause to consider our own internal time measurement, and the ways in which our daily activities trigger different emotional responses in us: what is the difference between the ‘going to’ or ‘coming from’ mode of being, as opposed to arriving at a destination, be it work, home or somewhere in between? We spend a lot of our time in going to and coming from spaces, but very little of that time is spent being engaged with our immediate surroundings. We are on the phone, we are listening to music, we are tweeting/checking facebook/reading. We might be physically present, but our attention is often directed elsewhere, cramming all kinds of other tasks into that travelling space which we often perceive as neutral. But in that neutral space, we find the markers of our shared social life, the examples of thinking and aspiration demonstrated on a public level, beyond the imaginings of private, individual lives. In that space, we find things like spires and sky scrapers and museums and domes.

So for the large majority of us who will frequently pass a building, park or public space and for the most part ignore it, here are 5 Reasons Why Domes Are Sexy:

1. Domes are a symbol of someone (an architect) having fun.
2. Domes are a symbol of what used to constitute civilised society.
3. Domes are simple and beautiful from a design perspective.
4. Domes come in all shapes and sizes, just like us.
5. Domes are like many of the best things in life – which might include chocolate, suede shoes and vinyl records – you can live without them, but it’s nice having them there.

If you were making a list of reasons of why domes are sexy, what would you include?

Don’t forget you can still be part of our Domes Day Celebrations by entering our Shingle Design Competition.

Make a shingle from Historic Houses Trust on Vimeo.

Download a template (PDF) and send it in before 13 November and you could win an art and craft pack!