Events and programs

Matthew Aberline pointing the way at Hyde Park Barracks Museum today. Photo Gary Crockett

As ‘Domes Day’ approaches, or should I say approacheth, Matt Aberline and Nicole Canham from Polyartistry are gathering random, off-the-cuff observations from passers-by, using a giant inflatable arrow to focus attention on the job at hand.

What would you say about our beautiful new domes… an important addition, whimsical fun, crowning achievement or needless expense?

Julie McKenzie (with Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects) 1998 interpretation design for ‘Deputy Superintendents Office’, Hyde Park Barracks Museum. Photo Gary Crockett

Many thanks to Peter Tonkin of Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects for presenting a very thoughtful lecture at Hyde Park Barracks last week. It was great to learn about the conservation work that has already taken place at the museum, in particular the design elements created by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer such as the ‘floating’ display units and steel staircase sculpture which were designed to complement Greenways original building plan. I now look forward to following the progress of the domes restoration project, the next step in piecing together the history of the site. (thanks to HHT staffer Claire Wilmott)

Image: detail of watercolour ‘Light House, South Head of Pt. Jackson’ in the album Drawing in Sydney 1840-50 PX*D123 State Library of New South Wales

You’d think it would have been a simple and straight forward project…re-roof a couple of tiny guardhouses with timber framed domes, covered in a handful of shingles. Find out why there’s more to this than hardwood, hammers and nails in a series of ponderous talks on what makes this challenging project tick, what’s been learnt and what’s been gained.

Join us at the Barracks for lunchtime talks on 27 July (Clive Lucas) and 3 August (Kate Clark) – find out more here.