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Georgian homestead photographed at night
Photograph (c) Paolo Busato 2008

In 2001 the Foundation for the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales agreed to raise $3 million to create an Endangered Houses Fund (EHF) as part of the HHT’s 21st birthday celebrations. The EHF will help to save significant properties in danger of being destroyed or changed beyond recognition.

The inspiration for the EHF comes from the HHT’s own work. In 1993 the HHT purchased at auction a threatened house designed by Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahoney in Castlecrag, NSW. The HHT conserved the house, subdivided the block and financed the construction of a new sympathetic dwelling on the adjacent block.

In 1995 the HHT sold both of the properties having arranged statutory protection and private covenants – thereby saving the work of two the 20th century’s most significant architects.

The EHF is a  pro-active response to the many requests the HHT gets to become involved in historic houses and sites not considered appropriate ofr museum purposes. The EHF is an opportunity for the HHT to find solutions for these endangered historic houses.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to the EHF and help preserve our heritage click here.

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