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Hard Hat Tour…Exeter Farm

Local council members, heritage professionals and HHT staff were invited to inspect the progress at the Exeter Farm site in February 2010. At this point one still needed a little vision to imagine the finished product but when faced with images of where the project started, it is truly unbelievable these modest colonial cottages are still standing let alone on their way to becoming a home again.

Guests were treated to tours of the twin cottages lead by Richard Silink (EHF portfolio manager),  and Robert Gasparini (project architect) and Alan Croker (principal, Design 5 Architects ) followed by morning tea on the newly reinstated verandah.

Photograph (c) Paolo Busato 2007

Photograph (c) Paolo Busato 2009

Photograph (c) Paolo Busato 2007

Photograph (c) Paolo Busato 2009

Garden Plans for Exeter

Image courtesy of Geoffrey Britton

With the building work at Exeter Farm nearing completion, attention has turned to reinstating the cottage garden and surrounding landscape.  Archealogical investigation and recent earthworks around the property have uncovered paths and drain systems as well as the original ground level, which turns out to be much lower than the existing ground level.

A significant amount of material was removed to lower the ground level to allow for the water to flow away from the buildings.