Fancy a biscuit?

W & R Jacob & Co. 'West End Biscuits' tin; Rouse Hill House collection. Photo © Mel Flyte for Sydney Living Museums

The curators at Sydney Living Museums have a phrase for it: ‘rabbit holing’, and at Rouse Hill House we’re particularly susceptible to it’s insidious power. You pick up an object, something catches your eye, and the next thing you know time has become abstract and you’re deep in 19th century newspapers unraveling connections.  This week assistant curator Mel Flyte revisits the storeroom at Rouse Hill, and one of her favorite objects and the unexpected story it tells. Continue reading

Sago plum pudding

Sago Plum Pudding. Photo © James Horan for Sydney Living Museums

With the winter solstice almost upon us my thoughts shift to foods that warm and nourish the soul. The Christmas style plum pudding was always intended as mid-winter fare and this variation on the plum pudding theme is simple to make, rich tasting and truly comforting to eat. Continue reading