An apple a day

Apple charlotte. Photo © James Horan for Sydney Living Museums

Before you crush all your apples into cider as the Curator had us doing last week, we thought we’d celebrate ‘Eve’s fruit’ with some tried and tested family favourites from our heritage kitchens. We’ve featured apple hedgehogs and apple snow in more summery posts, but Apple Charlotte, pictured above, and Auntie Tottie’s Apple cake make perfect autumnal fare.  Continue reading

To collar an eel

Eel dish belonging to the Rouse family. Rouse Hill House and Farm collection. Photo © Sydney Living Museums

Included in the line-up of ceremonies at Sydney Living Museums Eel festival this week included yours truly preparing a popular 19th-century delicacy, ‘collared eel’ following a recipe from 1816. Continue reading

Bananas as a vegetable

Mrs Maclurcan's Curried bananas Photo © Jacqui Newling for Sydney Living Museums

The Curator’s story about bananas and plantains earlier this year recalled the banana curry I enjoyed at Hannah’s Long Lunch last year, which celebrated colonial cookery author, Hannah Maclurcan. I’ve now put Mrs Maclurcan’s recipe for ‘banana curry’ to the test using green plantains, with pleasing and thought provoking results.  Continue reading