Fowl play!

Davros the rooster and chickens at Rouse Hill House

Davros the rooster and chickens at Rouse Hill House. Photo Scott Hill © Sydney Living Museums

Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide! BOOM BOOM! Okay that was far from im-peck-able. You could say it was egg-stremely bad! But how can I resist an egg-cellent yolk to introduce our new series of posts dedicated to the chicken and the egg! Continue reading

How to host a Regency breakfast

Regency breakfast hams and figs

Regency breakfast at Elizabeth Bay House. Photo Jacqui Newling © Sydney Living Museums

We recently hosted a Regency-style breakfast in the grand dining room at Elizabeth Bay House as a “money can’t buy” experience for the literacy charity, Room to Read. The offer included a personalised gastronomy-focused tour of the House followed by a breakfast which was based on the menu plan given to Maria Macarthur in 1812, Continue reading

Avoiding a baked back

Detail from a dining scene from Judy March 25th 1868

Detail of a dining scene from 'Judy', March 25th 1868, showing a chair back in use. Reproduced from John Gloag, Short Dictionary of Furniture, Allen and Unwin, London, 1972

If you’ve sat near a roaring fireplace you’ll know that you can get a tad cooked. While pole screens were an option in the drawing room, when dining there was another quick fix: introducing the chair screen. Continue reading