Best served chilled

Peach gin cobblers by Trolley'd at Vaucluse House.

Peach gin cobblers by Trolley'd at Vaucluse House. Photo Scott Hill © Sydney Living Museums

The latest in the Real Food – Old Ways series at Vaucluse House delved into foraged foods and cocktails. We all enjoyed our drinks chilled with chunks of ice chipped straight from the block, and this raised the question of how drinks were chilled before refrigeration. You’ll be surprised how! Continue reading

A cheerful kitchen

Pots and canisters wallpaper, c1970.

Pots and canisters wallpaper (detail), c1970. Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection, Sydney Living Museums, gift of Chee Soon & Fitzgerald L2008/241

If books are the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘library’ think again! Our library, at The Mint in Macquarie Street Sydney, is also home to a rich collection of material relating to the history of house and garden design and interior furnishings. Far from just having books, The Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection includes architectural fragments and garden ornaments, soft furnishings and trimmings, wall and floor coverings, manufacturers’ trade catalogues and sample books.  Curator Michael Lech is guest blogger this week, peeling back the layers of  time to reveal past tastes in kitchen decor. Continue reading