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Lillian Galvin and the Manly beach beauties


1950s Ray Leighton photo of Pat Crum, Lillian Galvin, Pam Toyer, Pam Inch and (Lillian’s sister) Dorothy Galvin on hollow boards at Manly

Allan Jackson sent me a note recently about his mum, Lakemba femlin Lillian Jackson (that’s her second on the left, cool smile),¬†immortalised in this 1950s photo, and offered to ask Lillian to provide added info on the photo.

Here’s what she wrote…¬†I have been in touch with Betty Leighton regarding the names of the girls on the boards. Pat Crum, Lillian Galvin, Pam Toyer, Pam Inch and (my sister) Dorothy Galvin.

Dorothy (my sister) and I went for a ferry ride one Sunday afternoon and from then on surfed at Manly for years. Met Ray Leighton fashion photographer who took our famous photo on boards on beautiful Manly beach. He was a member of the surf club. I remember the saying Seven miles from Sydney a thousand miles from care.

On a stage near the club one Sunday I sang Lovely Hula Hands with leis and hula skirt and a musical accompaniment. Still dream of going to Hawaii. All this in the fifties – always loved the Harbour cruise (who wouldn’t?). The Corso and the pine trees and walks along the promenade.

Lakemba is a long way from Manly ferry ride tram and train then bus or walk a mile home. Too expensive to live there then and still is. Sadly Pam Toyer, Pam Inch and Pat Crum now deceased. Did meet Rex Mossop in the early days. Dorothy and I purchased a booklet on Ray Leighton’s life and gave 5O dollars to the surf club. Betty Leighton was a really good surfboard rider and is shown in the book.

Hope my memories of Manly will assist you with the work you are doing at the Museum. …¬†Regards from Lillian.

Huge ‘surf city’ thanks to Allan and Lillian Jackson for the support and contribution.

Allan also mentioned a short bio piece he had made recently of his mother Lillian (aged 88) and aunty Dorothy (91).

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February 23rd, 2012 at 10:27 am

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  1. The photos are fantastic and tell a thousand words – added stories behind the photos double the interest. Alan Jackson’s film about his mum and aunt is fascinating. Thanks so much for capturing these memories. Viva


    29 Feb 12 at 1:28 am

  2. Thanks Barbara – great to get a comment from someone sane for a change. Yes the film’s a good story well told. Pity I didn’t come across Lillian and Dorothy earlier. catch up soon eh.

    Gary Crockett

    1 Mar 12 at 1:06 pm

  3. I have just finished the wonderful experience of viewing this most beautiful video dedication.This is a story about the wonderful Galvin family of which I have enjoyed the privilege to be related at one time in my life. This story will touch the hearts of any person who will find the time to stop what you are doing in this world and truly indulge in this amazing structured video, which having had experience in music and film production I believe the author and producer have produced a world class presentation.
    Congratulations Allan Jackson. How so truly Australian are these gorgeous Galvin Girls and how they have shown us how we Aussies can enjoy life reaping the beauty of our beaches and of course the true splendor of our Manly beach.I laughed and I cried during the video and I have had the chance this evening to wander back through time and reminisce.Thank you so much Lillian, Dorothy and well done Allan. Geoffrey J Hyde.

    Geoffrey J hyde

    4 Mar 12 at 10:37 am

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