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Bondi goggles mid 1960s


Another great photo by Charles Bill Moseley showing a pair of slick cats cooling off along the Bondi boardwalk. This and several other scenic treasures on display at Surf City, courtesy Marilyn Moseley.

Written by garycrockett

December 9th, 2011 at 2:15 am

Posted in 1960s

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  1. I remember when they used to come along the beach and MEASURE the sides of our bikinis in the `60’s. From memory they had to be 2″ wide – could be wrong, it could have been even wider!! We used to tie the sides to make them smaller and untie them when the `patrol’ used to come along!! They used to make people leave the beach if they didn’t comply.


    10 Dec 11 at 12:23 pm

  2. what amazes me is how beach inspectors got to play ‘moral guardian’ and man-handle all that skimpy swimwear…how did they get away with that?

    Gary Crockett

    14 Dec 11 at 12:43 am

  3. They used to measure your bikinis!!! Wow the world is different.

    And yeah Gary, I agree. How did they get away with it.. Also how would you get a job like that.


    4 Jan 12 at 2:02 am

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