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Long Reef Boardriders 1970s

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Long Reef Beach surfers hang out in local derelict house late 1970s, photo courtesy Warren MacKenney

Got a pile of photos from Warren MacKenney today so I asked him a few questions about the board riding club scene and life around Long Reef in the 70s…

Were you part of a board riding club?

We were all part of the boardriders – it was less competition and more social, there were so many small groups and this [the boardriders] combined the beach. The thought behind it was the more people the more parties you could go to.

Where were you guys living – were you locals?

Yes the ones that formed the boardriders were true local neigbourhood kids – we had a block of land and a derelict house [the shack hangers] that we used for years as a hang and no one seemed to mind too much there was a bit of noise we made that made some unhappy but there were other groups like the Motelys, the Forry guys the L.R.B.Ps.

What kind of things did you get up to at the beach besides surfing?

What did we get up to? – Friday nite was Timo the Time N Tide Hotel [Flowers/Glasshouse], the Narrabeen Antler [Midnight Oil], 1066 Wine Bar Collaroy and give the publican shit when they tried to kick us out at 10 timo, 12 Antler and then party at someone’s house on the same sat nite. We surfed all weekend, wagged school during the week, surfed and just hung around at our beach. Played touch footy, baseball, skated as a group of guys and girls just for fun. We also snorkled, played pinball at Cons in the back room [Long Reef milk bar] tennis, fruit fights.

Terry Ward with yo yo, Long Reef 1970s, photo courtesy Warren MacKenney

How old were you all at this stage?

The ages ranged – the older ones picked on the younger ones in fun, everyone was close and we all still are in touch having made great friendships.

What was the relationship to the clubbies, if any?

Everyone picked on the carpark ticket collector. The Clubbies were our friends too. I was one untill I got too many ‘penalty patrols’ then I thought I’m doing this for free and if you couldn’t make it you got more for punishment – still good friends with a lot of them – a good connection.

Outside the clubhouse, Long Reef 1970s, photo courtesy Warren MacKenney

Who took the photos?

There were a few guys that took photos – the main ones were Trudie Woods, Jeff Morris, Chris Sellers, Clifford White and Mark Andrews that i’m still in contact with. Cliff took the photos of Stuart. Trudie took photos mainly around the carpark.

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