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Cronulla 1970s

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Edited sampler of footage shot around Cronulla in the mid to late 70s by local surfer, film-maker and board riding club mover Alastair Waddell, courtesy of Alastair Waddell.

In 1976, when he first screened his movie Just Cruising – An Australian Surf Movie Alastair Waddell had been surfing around Cronulla for almost 20 years and closely involved in the local boardriding club scene. He shot the affectionate flick using a camera bought from Jack Eden and a lengthy lens that used to belong to Bob Evans, two of surfing’s big hitters of the 60s. His aim was to promote Australian surfing overseas and give Cronulla surfers a rare opportunity to shine on the big screen. It was a pleasure to meet and interview Alastair today and get his perspective on 60s and 70s beach life, movie making, competitive surfing and Cronulla waxhead culture.

Alastair on the beach near Red House, Cronulla, for Just Cruising promo shots in 1976, courtesy Alastair Waddell

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June 4th, 2011 at 11:13 am

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