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David Bell 1976

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Photo of David Bell, on a trip out of town back in 1976, courtesy David Bell.

Eastwood surfer David Bell in 1976 with his Ron Wade rounded pintail, that was, according to David, a pretty lousy ride. At this time, a typical beach day for him and his mates started at the crack of dawn with a bus and train trip to Circular Quay, gunning for the 7.30am Manly ferry, crossing the harbour with a high spirited pack of board carrying ‘westies’, before shuffling up the corso past sneering locals, along the beach and over the headland to Freshwater, where ‘there was usually a group of girls we were keen on’. A day’s surf at Freshie could also involve a quick hike over to Manly and back for an unbeatable pie. Obviously cars changed everything in the next year or so, with hunts for a wave stretching north as far as Narrabeen. Still surfing today, David and his 3 boys live less than 50 metres from the sand at Queenscliff. Take that you sneering locals…

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April 2nd, 2011 at 5:15 am

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  1. OOOoops. Sorry to have probably been one of those sneering locals back then ;P
    Luckily I never did meet up with any of those Freshie girls who were “keen on” !!! LOL
    Anyway, as luck would have it… you can cheerfully sneer at me now!
    L xox


    3 Apr 11 at 10:40 am

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