Farewell from the Public Sydney blog

September 17, 2013 at 4:00 pm

The Public Sydney exhibition has closed and it is time for us to wind up our blog too. We’ve met some fantastic people, drank from the best bubblers [and the worst], been chased by ibis and become better acquainted with our city.

The power of the pig, Il Porcellino on Macquarie Street, wasn’t really evident to our volunteers but we will continue to pat him.

Vanessa Berry, our fabulous guest blogger, has taken us to places we’ve never been before and taught us to always look up, down and all around when walking the city streets. Be sure to stay connected with her here.

Our other guest bloggers have helped us think differently about our public spaces. We’d like to thank everyone who commented, emailed and, on one memorable occasion, stopped Nerida at a bubbler to assist with a review.

If you love Sydney stories and places keep in touch with us via our Facebook and Twitter. You can also check out other blogs on our website including the Cook and the Curator – a great one for Sydney foodies. And, speaking of food, be sure to visit the upcoming exhibition ‘Eat your history: a shared table’ at Museum of Sydney.

Hey, have you noticed that during this blog’s time the Town Hall clock has been uncovered again, the monorail is slowly disappearing and Ravi the Hyde Park flair bartender seems to have a few new followers…our public spaces never stop changing!

Sydney monorail track being removed

Sydney monorail track being removed