Bubbler review: Playfair Street, The Rocks

July 17, 2013 at 3:29 pm
Playfair Street bubbler

Playfair Street bubbler

I enjoy spending time in The Rocks with my children who love exploring the cobbled paths and looking at the old buildings. After a good run around we head to Susannah Place Museum for a scoop of old fashioned lollies and the combination of running and sugar invariably leads to a request for water. Bubblers are hard to find in this part of town; it probably has something to do with preserving the heritage feel of the precinct.

Cleanliness: The bubbler was clean and shiny. [4/5]

Water quality: Clear and at air temperature.  [4/5]

Spray reliability: Strong flow. [3/5]

Ease of use: Easy to use and out of the way of passers-by. [3/5]

Aesthetic qualities: It has the same ultra modern look as the one at Circular Quay. In a place where telephone boxes and post boxes retain their heritage character this stainless steel piece of modernity is quite jarring. [2/5]

Star rating: ***