Bubbler review. Lewis Wolfe Levy Fountain, Royal Botanic Garden

May 7, 2013 at 10:00 am
Lewis Wolfe Levy Fountain

Lewis Wolfe Levy Fountain

This is the most spectacular bubbler in Sydney. The fountain was erected in 1889 and has a base of beautifully polished red and grey granite. At the top is a bronze statue of a woman, allegedly the goddess Diana, surrounded by reeds and wetland animals including bullfrogs spraying water from their mouths. The four corners of the fountain have a large bubbler mounted on them. Steps provide access for children and it is a popular stopping point for groups of school students. Tourists pose in front of it and I have been asked on more than one occasion to snap photos of them drinking from the bubblers [often couples sharing a drink from the same water jet which I find a little bit odd but each to their own]. This is also a bubbler that appeals to families and a popular place for the species of joke often played by Dads – waiting for a child to be drinking from the spout before placing a big Daddy thumb on the water jet and thus spraying the child with water.

: The bubblers have always been clean and free of debris when I have visited [5/5]

Water quality: Clear and cool [3/5]

Spray reliability: The water jet is quite strong.  [2/5]

Ease of use: I always end up with water dripping off my nose and chin when I use this bubbler. Any excess water hits the metal base and splashes up on my top which can be awkward. I have noticed that expert bubbler users [school children] rest their chin on the hygiene guard so the water doesn’t spurt on their faces but I haven’t tried this method. The fountain sometimes sprays water droplets on you when using the bubbler. You must mount a couple of steps in order to reach the bubbler which can be a problem for those with mobility and balance issues. [2/5]

Aesthetic qualities: This is a magnificent bubbler. It attracts people to it and even non-bubbler users are tempted to have a sip of water at it. The burbling of the fountain water combined with the beautiful sculptural details makes it an auditory and visual treat to use.  [5/5]

Star rating****

The bubbler

The bubbler