Bubbler review: Hyde Park

May 18, 2013 at 3:26 pm
Hyde Park bubbler

Hyde Park bubbler

Despite walking through Hyde Park almost daily for the past six months, I hadn’t noticed this bubbler before. I found it quite remarkable really, when I finally discovered it, as the foliage behind seems to almost perfectly herald its existence.

The day prior to me taking this photo, the bubbler was unfortunately positioned in the middle of a dispute between two men, the reason it caught my eye. I decided to wait until the next day to venture over.

I have very rarely seen it used since that argument and I wonder if, like me, people are too busy navigating their way to the other side of Hyde Park or distracted by the goings on at the Archibald Fountain that they fail to notice it?

Cleanliness: Unfortunately there was a dead bug in the bowl the day I investigated, which loses it points. [3/5]

Water quality: Clear and cool [3/5]

Spray reliability: The water jet is quite strong, although susceptible to the wind that sweeps through from time to time.  [3/5]

Ease of use: The bubbler is easy to operate.  [4/5]

Aesthetic qualities: The bubbler is beautifully framed by the plants behind, allowing the user to feel as if they’ve stepped into the garden bed for a quick drink, although the bubbler itself is fairly plain and the bowl is chipped and worn.  [3/5]

Star rating***

Hyde Park bubbler bowl

Hyde Park bubbler bowl