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The Cook and the Curator

The Cook and the Curator invites you to discover our food heritage at the Historic Houses Trust. You will enter our homes, raid our pantries, fire up our stoves, cook in our kitchens, try out our recipes and dine at our tables.

From the Loft

From The Loft is a blog by the curators of the Justice and Police Museum, Sydney. It is based around a forensic photography archive created by the NSW police between 1912 and 1964. It contains an estimated 130,000 negatives. The archive could be the biggest police photography collection of its type in the southern hemispher. It offers the standard fare of police investigation: mug shots, accident scenes, crashes, murders, fires, forgeries, fingerprints – images stemming from every imaginable variety of law breaking, and forsaking across six decades of 20th century.


Surf City

Surf City tracked Sydney’s dynamic surf scene through the 50s, 60s and 70s: spanning an amazing period of social upheaval, post war optimism, teen angst, rock and roll, prosperity, drugs, travel and cars. We'll look at surfers, movers and shapers who stirred the pot during these vivid and volatile years along with the kind of stuff surf-crazed Sydneysiders wore, watched, made, rode, heard and read. We’ll also show how surfing changed Sydney. The exhibition will contain boards, movies, photos, magazines, music, clothes and surfing treasures. So watch out for the show, coming to the Museum of Sydney late 2011.

Endangered Houses Fund

Endangered Houses Fund (EHF) is a program of the Historic Houses Trust that identifies significant at risk properties and saves them from demolition or unsympathetic development. The EHF is not about creating new public museums as such. Properties are conserved, protected and then offered back into the marketplace for the use and enjoyment of future generations. In this way, funds will revolve and more houses can be saved over time. On the blog, you will be able to follow the progression of EHF projects as they are given a new lease on life. Happy reading!

Domes Restoration Project

Domes Restoration Project The Historic Houses Trust is recreating the twin domes of the Hyde Park Barracks guardhouses, decorative elements intrinsic to the original design by Francis Greenway. This Blog will follow the project with discussions on a wide range of topics.

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