Mrs Maclurcan’s potato salad


  • 500g cold boiled potatoes
  • salad cream or mayonnaise
  • capers
  • thin slice beetroot, boiled or pickled
  • 2 eggs, hard boiled and chopped


This salad can be served as a shared dish or with a more modern approach such as individual 'deconstructed' salads arranged in layers.


Slice the potatoes very thinly into a salad bowl or glass dish (or stack 3 slices onto individual plates). Thin the salad cream or mayonnaise to pouring cream consistency with a small amount of white wine vinegar and pour over the potatoes to moisten. Garnish with chopped egg, the beetroot cut into matchsticks and a few capers and season to taste with salt and ground white pepper.

This recipe appeared in the post Hannah's long lunch on October 22, 2015.

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