Jelly-filled oranges


  • 4 packets jelly crystals (85 g) of 2 or more contrasting colours
  • boiling water
  • 6 valencia oranges (do not use navel oranges)


To create the striped effect, each layer of jelly needs to set before another layer can be added, so allow a few hours for each layer. If you want a quicker option, fill each orange with a different colour and mix them up on the serving plate once they have been sliced.

Makes 6 oranges


Prepare one of the jellies using a little less water than indicated in the packet instructions (for example, use 400 ml of boiling water rather than 500 ml). Refrigerate the jelly until cool but still liquid.
Cutting the top out of an orange.
Meanwhile, using a small sharp knife, cut a circle 2 cm in diameter around the base of each orange with an inward angle to create a 'plug'.
Separate the flesh from the orange
With the tip of a teaspoon, prise the flesh away and discard, leaving the lining of pith on the skin. Be careful not to cut into the skin.* (Save the pulp for another use – or drink it!) Continue until the oranges are hollowed out.
Scooping the flesh from the orange.
Sit the oranges in wide-based cups to keep them upright. To create the striped effect, spoon in the liquid jelly to fill about 1–1.5 cm of each orange. Refrigerate till set. Meanwhile, prepare a different-coloured jelly and when cool but still liquid, spoon it over the first layer to a similar level. If the jelly is too warm it will melt the lower layer and ruin the stripe. Repeat the process until the oranges are filled and the final layer of jelly has set.
Fill orange skins with jelly.
Please note that as this process takes some time, your main reserve of jelly mixtures may start to set. Melt them by sitting the vessel they're in into warm water and stir gently until the jelly relaxes.
Jelly filled oranges on a plate
Keep the jelly-filled oranges in the fridge until just before serving. Using a sharp smooth-bladed knife, slice the oranges in half and then slice each half into two or three wedges.
Arrange on a platter and decorate with citrus leaves (or other non-toxic leaves).
Jelly orange wedges.
*Note French master chef Carême advised that if the skin is accidentally pierced, the split can be filled with cold butter to prevent the jelly from leaking through.

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