How to seal a pudding basin


1.Mark out the size of the rim and base of the basin onto a sheet of baking paper, and cut to size.
2. Line the base of the basin with the small round of baking paper before adding the filling, then cover the surface of the pudding with the large round to prevent direct contact with the aluminium foil.
3. Measure a double thickness of foil to cover the pudding bowl and extend half way down the sides.
4. Form a 1cm pinch across the middle of the foil (or 2 cm for a large basin).
5. Fold over the pinch and flatten to form a pleat across the centre of the basin.
6. Using a double strand of cooking twine or string, tightly tie the foil around the basin's circumference, under the basin rim (some basins have a lip around the top which if tied tightly, prevents the string from slipping up. If using a plain sided bowl tie the string well below the top rim and check that it is tight enough not to ride up to the top of the bowl).
7. Using extra string, form a handle by looping the string across the top of the basin, tying the string ends to the string used around the circumference, at opposite points around the basin.
8. Rotate the bowl 90° and repeat the process to make a criss-cross. This will help lowering and lifting the pudding in and out of the cooking pot.

This recipe appeared in the post How to seal a pudding basin: a step-by-step guide on November 24, 2016.

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