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We are very proud and excited to add our own text to our bookshelf, Eat your history, stories and recipes from Australian kitchens, written by ‘The Cook’ Jacqui Newling with contributions by ‘The Curator’ Scott Hill, published by Sydney Living Museums and NewSouth Publishing, Sydney 2015.

Period sources:

ABBOTT, Edward. The English and Australian cookery book for the many and the upper ten thousand. 1864. (The first known published cook book published by an Australian author. Now available in facsimile through TasFoodBooks.

ACTON, Eliza. Modern Cookery for Private Families. Southover Press, 2002 (first published in 1845) Reprint of the extended edition of 1855 as edited by Eliza Acton.

BEETON, Isabella. Beeton’s Book of Household Management. 1861 www.mrsbeeton.com (1861 text only); facsimile edition 2000.

BEETON, Isabella. Beeton’s Book of Household Management (first published 1861): subsequent editions (various) Sydney Living Museums collections.

CASSELL’S Dictionary of cookery 1894 and various other editions e.g.  https://archive.org/stream/cassellsdictiona00cass#page/n3/mode/2up

CLUTTERBUCK, Lady Maria. What shall we have for dinner? by Elizabeth Dickens, transcribed in Dinner for Dickens (Rossi-Wilcox, see below)

EATON, Mary. Eaton, Mary. The cook and housekeeper’s complete and universal dictionary; including a system of modern cookery, in all its various branches, adapted to the use of private families: also a variety of original and valuable information, relative to baking, brewing, carving … and every other subject connected with domestic economy. England, 1823

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Contemporary books:

Broadbent, J.  & Steven, M. India , China, Australia: Trade and society 1788 – 1850. Historic Houses Trust of NSW, Sydney, 2003

Bonyhady, Tim. The colonial earth. Melbourne University press, 1998.

Peggy Hickman, Jane Austen, Martha Lloyd. A Jane Austen Household Book, with Martha Lloyd’s Recipes. David & Charles Publishers, 1978.

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Newling, Jacqui. Eat your history, stories and recipes from Australian kitchens. Sydney Living Museums and NewSouth Publishing, Sydney 2015.

Newton, John. The oldest foods on earth: a history of native Australian foods with recipes. NewSouth Publishing, 2016.

O’Brien, Charmaine. The colonial kitchen: Australia 1788 – 1901. Rowman & Littlefield, 2016.

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