Government House

Image of the east facing facade of Government House with flowers in the foreground.

East facing facade of Government House. Still from video. Copyright HHT.

From 1996 until 2013 Government House was under the stewardship of Sydney Living Museums, and featured in Cook and Curator blog posts and videos during that time, and which are retained here as an archive.

Government House, Sydney, originally built as a Gothic monument to the power of the English sovereign, has been an imposing presence on the southern shore of Sydney Harbour since 1845. Today, it continues as the premier state house of New South Wales, as both the residence and centre of authority for the Governor. It is also an historic building with sumptuous interiors, including rare hand painted and stencilled Lyon, Cottier and Company painted ceilings. The gardens and house are accessible to the public, with access details posted on the official Government House website.