Dining brick by brick

Rouse Hill House built in lego. Photo (c) Sydney Living Museums

Looking for something for the kids to do these school holidays? How about making Rouse Hill House in Lego!

Following on from Towers of Tomorrow and Sand in the City at MoS, now it’s Rouse Hill’s turn to be ‘immortalised’ in Lego bricks.  We’ve engaged the Southern Hemisphere’s only LEGO®-certified professional, Ryan McNaught, to recreate the house and its garden, and the immediate outbuildings. I think you’ll agree its a pretty amazing result!

Rouse Hill House in Lego. Photo (c) Sydney Living Museums

Rouse Hill in Lego_Photo (c) Sydney Living Museums

All ready for dinner

One side of the model – the house’s eastern side – is shown in cutaway, revealing the upstairs bedrooms, the sitting room, and the dining room with the lights on! You can see the table set for dinner: the pink lamps along with the central epergne full of fruit. There’s even a meat dish with its domed cover on the butler’s stand:

Rouse Hill House model cutaway showing the dining room 2_Photo (c) Sydney Living Museums

Here’s the dining table ‘full size’ for comparison:

An a la Russe dining setting created at Rouse Hill House. Photo Scott Hill © Sydney Living Museums

If you look closely you can even see Kathleen and Nina Rouse playing hide and seek upstairs:

Rouse Hill House model cutaway showing the dining room. Photo (c) Sydney Living Museums

Outside there are all sorts of vignettes from the house’s past and present – Nina’s carriage being drawn by local men on her wedding day, the gardens team busy at work, Lawrence feeding carrots to Larry the horse, the Hunt Club in their scarlet jackets riding off on their horses, and yes, even yours truly off to feed the chickens!

The curator off to feed the chickens_Photo (c) Sydney Living Museums

Rouse Hill House and Farm with LEGO® Bricks opens this Saturday. Initial bookings are for the school holidays up till July 17.  Each session is for an hour and, along with time to create your own Lego masterpiece, also includes a tour before or after of the house and grounds – so make sure you wear a hat and comfy shoes.

There are 4 sessions a day (at 10am, 11:30am, 1pm and 2:30pm daily). Full details click here  or see https://sydneylivingmuseums.com.au/exhibitions/new-lego-adventure-rouse-hill-house-farm