Blowing our trumpet :-)

The Cook and the Curator blog, winner of the MAPDA Judges Special Award (Multimedia)!

The Cook and the Curator blog, winner of the MAPDA Judges Special Award (Multimedia)!

We’re all rather chuffed here at the Cook and the Curator – winning two prestigious industry awards! Each year Museums Australia holds its Multimedia & Publication Design Awards. This year we made the short-list for Best Website category (Level C, for organisations of more than 40 staff) and won! BUT WAIT there’s more! We also took away the Judges Special Award (Multimedia)! The judges write that Sarah Christensen’s design showed “Great use of textures and decals in a digital environment interprets the history theme and adds personality.”

MAPDA award for The Cook and Curator blog, website (B) (level c)

MAPDA award for The Cook and Curator blog, website (B) (level C)

In addition, our current Digital and Graphic Designer, Arnel Rodriguez was highly commended for his work at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia on Anish Kapoor in MCA Publications.

MAPDA is a yearly showcase of the breadth of Australian design talent in the diverse and vibrant cultural sector and a chance to see what is happening in our major and regional cultural institutions.

MAPDA 2013 received over 220 entries this year. Judging took place in Canberra on Friday 22 March at the National Museum of Australia and the MAPDA Awards ceremony was held at the MA National Conference 2013 in Canberra on Sunday 19 May.

We’re on the boil!

While it’s our ‘personas’ that take the limelight, this project has always been a collective effort from enthusiastic, energetic, dedicated, talented people within the Sydney Living Museums’ units, and associates like Sarah Christensen who works on SLM projects every so often. We’re also very excited about another aspect of SLM’s Eat your history concept which is bubbling away on the stoves right now – we promise you’ll receive an invitation – with credit to many of the same team who made The Cook & the Curator a reality, plus many others who’ll bring their flair and expertise to the table – watch this space!!!

The following is taken from our ‘about us’ page but we think it deserves being repeated in light of the recent industry recognition:

The Cook and the Curator is the result of an inspiring collaborative effort from our colleagues at Sydney Living Museums. Now that it feels like the and appetisers have been digested and the ‘main courses’ are on their way, we want to thank the people who have supported, and contributed to, our work –  fellow curators, the teams of gardeners and guides at our houses, our marketing and programming teams, interns and volunteers. Their enthusiasm and encouragement has been invaluable – and extra thanks goes to them for cleaning up kitchens and staff rooms when we left them in chaos!

In particular, extra slices of pudding go to Beth Hise for her vision, web gurus Tim Girling-Butcher, Ondine Evans and Jay Smith, designer Sarah Christensen, recipe editor Rhiain Hull, and special credit to Alysha Buss for her calm demeanor with all we dish up, and her tireless patience in the eye of the culinary storm.

Thank you all!


The Cook and the Curator at Vaucluse House.

The Cook and the Curator at Vaucluse House. Photo © James Horan