A floral bounty

Holding a favourite collection piece. Detail of photograph (c) Paolo Busato for Sydney living Museums

This weekend is the last chance to see the beautiful exhibition The Artist & the Botanical Collector: The lost works of Lovegrove & Bäuerlen at the Museum of Sydney. It’s inspired me to write about beautiful works of botanic art in our collections, found on a magnificent dessert service. Continue reading

Reconstructing dinner in the Hyde Park Barracks destitute asylum

Dinner bowl (reconstructed) used in the Hyde Park Asylum for aged and destitute women, 1862-1886, excavated from beneath the floorboards at Hyde Park Barracks. UF9831c. Photo © Jamie North

Archaeology Honours reasearcher  Kim Connor joins us again with her recreation of a typical dinner served to women living in Hyde Park barracks in the Destitute Asylum and Immigration Depot in the 1880s.  Continue reading