Detail of plate fragments from Rouse Hill House excavations. Photo (c) Scott Hill for Sydney Living Museums

At Rouse Hill House the stories of food and dining are told in oral histories, recipe books and manuscripts, stacks of plates and shelves of glassware – and in the site’s rich archaeological remains. Continue reading

A bit on the side

Table setting at Rouse Hill House & Farm with a folded napkin held in the wine glass. Photo (c) Scott Hill for Sydney Living Museums

If you’re out at Rouse Hill this weekend for the Autumn Harvest you may see the dining table set with some unusually-shaped dishes, can you guess what they’re for? Continue reading

To collar an eel

Eel dish belonging to the Rouse family. Rouse Hill House and Farm collection. Photo © Sydney Living Museums

Included in the line-up of ceremonies at Sydney Living Museums Eel festival this week included yours truly preparing a popular 19th-century delicacy, ‘collared eel’ following a recipe from 1816. Continue reading